Cambridge International

Cambridge International has been involved for more than 30 years with institutional relations, risk management, structural reforms and economic development through trade and investment in the emerging economies across the world. 

Unique Insights

We have unique insight into the management of revolutionary changes across the globe: from the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Order to the challenges posed by Chavez in South America and the Ukrainian Orange Revolution.


Of specific focus is the post-revolutionary phase in a country: the transition to normalcy in society, the resetting of its international relations and the rebuilding of state institutions to ensure the rule of law, stability and the appropriate business environment.

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Avant-garde Projects

Starting with the multibillion Leningrad City Development Project to the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, we have provided the appropriate strategic insight and advisory support to highly sensitive, avantgarde and complex projects.

Recent major engagements:

assess the impact of the constitutional assembly in Ecuador on economic reform, foreign investment climate and the rule of law

research and analyze the events, policies and people leading to the establishment of the largest financial industrial group in Ukraine and its impact on the political process and reform

lead a multinational investigation of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, investigations that led to the release from detention in the US and return to Ukraine of the President of the Ukrainian Liberal Party

assess the energy security strategy in the Black Sea region based on unconventional gas resources (shale gas and coal bed methane) and LNG.


Cambridge International provides discreet support for sensitive, high-value, high-risk decision making in the private and public sectors.

We create the appropriate environment of trust necessary to identify opportunities, move projects forward, formulate and implement specific policies or to resolve a dispute. This is achieved through a trans-Atlantic network of experts from leading law firms and financial institutions, the mass media and the diplomatic and law enforcement communities. 

Great risks bring great opportunities with great profits. To monetize these opportunities, we provide experience, expertise, access and unparalleled vetted and reliable intelligence and insights. We take a closer look at the individuals, organizations, issues, events, geo-political forces and the economics determining a course of action, driving change and opportunities.

Global Integration

Business and Economic Intelligence

  1. Collection, Vetting and Analysis of Information
  2. Due Diligence
  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Market Entry

Security and Risk Management

  1. Risk and Threat Assessment and Mitigation
  2. Logistics and Operations in High Risk and Conflict Zone

Finance and Banking

  1. Financial Advisory for Project finance, Public Private Partnerships
  2. Multilateral Funding and Capital Markets Integration
  3. Emerging Markets M&A

Law and Dispute Resolution

  1. Litigation Support
  2. Dispute mediation and resolution
  3. Rule of Law and Institutional Reforms and Capacity Building

Strategic Communications

  1. Media and Institutional Relations
  2. Crisis Management Communication
  3. War Rooms
  4. Opposition Research


Our team is located in the historical Homer Building at 601 13th Street North West, Washington DC, USA. 

You can reach us by email at or by completing the form below.

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